The Art of Nursing Midwives provide care for women and families in the greater West Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey, Venice, Mar Vista, Santa Monica, South Bay and surrounding communities. We offer exceptional and individualized care for all women that desire to have support, mentoring and empowerment through the transformation into motherhood. We offer care for mothers who desire to be informed about their choices during pregnancy birth and during the precious post partum time. We support women in their choices no matter where they intend to give birth, whether that be at home, birth center or in the hospital. With our 24+ years of experience we integrate both medical and holistic care into our practice. We work in an evidence-based model of care utilizing the research and our experiences to provide the best care for your family. We also train Midwives to continue our work in the future, our team is here to support your learning as well.

Art of Nursing Care is happy to announce the one Year anniversary of the Art of Birthing Center. We look forward to welcoming you to stop by, take a tour of our center… Also see our  class schedule and our Doula Registry services. Feel free to contact us to find out more