The Art of Birthing Center is now a mobile birth practice offering families comfortable community settings for pre-natal and postpartum care, education for natural childbirth and baby care, baby-led breastfeeding and infant handling, and conscious parenting.

A birth center can be a good option for people who would prefer a homebirth but live a long distance from a hospital should we need to transport in the rare case of an emergency at the time of labor pain or delivery.  A birth center child birth may also be a great option for you if you live with other people, have a lot of indoor animals, or live in an older apartment building with thin walls and limited elevator access where the baby delivery does not seem to be a safe option. 

Our birthing environment is designed to support the grounding of the nervous system, enhancing the deep relaxation of pregnant mother, necessary for birthing.  It is widely understood that calm mothers birth better.  Our birth suites have portable tubs for water birthing options. Our private and fully equipped  rooms are equipped with all the birth toys we may need, ranging from birth stools to things to hang from, a large shower, soft lighting for the newborn, etc. which are required for the newly born baby immediately.

The Art of Birthing Center offers other holistic wellness care, besides Midwife care, including naturopathy, homeopathy, nutritional classes and counseling, trauma and fear processing, Family counseling, post-partum return to wellness coaching, and scar-tissue remediation for the expecting mother.

Starting July 1st 2019 we will not be leasing the space at 3013 Washington Blvd but if you have been with us before or are directly referred to Amy Tinney and want to have her support at the birth center option this still may be possible.

Otherwise contact GraceFull birthing for their team: