Art of Nursing Care Inc. provides individualized care to pregnancy women and families throughout the lifespan specifically honoring the childbearing journey. We are committed to educating women, expecting mothers, families, and care providers about optimal pregnancy, child birth, and early parenting outcomes.

We do this by:

  • Increasing awareness of the  risk factors during pregnancy while promoting self-care practices that will promote wellness and prevent complications of pregnancy ladies

  • Utilizing an early detection and support program to educate and promote maternal and fetal wellness.

  • Promoting collaboration with all healthcare practitioners and Doula services in Los Angeles including physicians, midwives, Doula services, holistic practitioners, physical therapists, and other alternative providers of wellness care during the childbearing year.

  • Reducing morbidity and mortality of infants and mothers through education about early signs and risk-taking behaviors that may affect their pregnancy outcomes

  • Ultimately improving the well being of all expecting mothers and babies in our care, regardless of age or economic circumstances of the family.